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Tyra Banks Porn Pictures

Tyra Banks started out as an international supermodel who slowly made her way into Hollywood and is considered to be one of the most well-rounded celebrities who dabbles into television work with her own talk show called The Tyra Banks Show aside from being a businesswoman, actress and television personality, she has been ranked repeatedly by Time Magazine to be one of the most influential people in the world. Personally, I think Tyra Banks is a whiff of fresh air when controversial British supermodel Naomi Campbell was dominating the fashion ramp for years, and Tyra is one of the prettiest black models the world has ever seen… but she like any other famous celebrities was not spared from the Hollywood filth and guys are scampering to get their hands on her nude or porn pictures they could find… and I guess we can call ourselves lucky since we have some of them here at Tyra Banks Porn Pictures.

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Tyra is Woman of the Year

America’s OK! magazine named Tyra Banks “Woman of the Year” for her business sense as well as her position as a role model for women across the globe. Tyra told the magazine, “I love my curves. I’ve made millions of dollars with this body. Right now, there are some great things happening. There’s America Ferrera, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and myself – women who have curves. But I still feel like this skinny image is heralded. It’s very confusing for young girls and I’m trying to change that.”

Earlier this year, photographs of the former supermodel showing her curvy figure in a tight swimming suit that were circulated around led to her being labelled a “beached whale”. Tyra insisted that the images were shot from a bad angle. She said, “An average American woman is size 12 (UK size 16) or 14 (18). So if I look like a 10 (14) or 12 (16) in a picture and someone says O look disgusting, are they saying the majority of America is disgusting? That made really upset, and that’s why I decided to fight.”


Wine tastes nasty to Tyra

The host of “The Tyra Banks Show” said that she does not like wine but orders it in public to look sexy.  She claims the drink tastes “nasty” but she likes to hold a wine glass to look more attractive to people.  She wrote on her personal website, “I recently went to Napa, California, and I learned how to pair wines with certain tastes, how red wine tastes good with salt and bitter things like lemon.  So, every now and then I’ll order some wine at the table.  I’ll only take two sips, but I’ll keep holding the glass cause it makes me feel sexy, but I still don’t drink it because it still tastes kind of nasty to me.”

She also said that she’s lucky that she’s not an “alcohol girl” and a “drug girl”.  Her dislike for alcohol means she won’t end up in rehab like other famous celebrities.  She said, “I feel like I’ve been very lucky because I don’t really have an addictive personality.  I’ve never had any drugs and I ha a little taste of alcohol when I was twelve years old, but that’s about it.  I’m not really an ‘alcohol girl’ and I’m definitely not a ‘drug girl.’”


Tyra struggling with split personality

The beautiful talk show host finds it confusing being “good Tyra” on her daytime talk show and “bad Tyra” on her reality show, “America’s Next Top Model”.  She is known to be very harsh and judgmental on the reality contest for aspiring young models and is also known to be very warm and uplifting to women on her hit talk show “The Tyra Banks Show”.

She told Vanity Fair magazine, “I have meetings with my team, Team Tyra, all the time saying there’s a Nighttime Tyra and there’s a Daytime Tyra.  The Daytime Tyra is who I am.  It’s me, kind of.  I mean, I have three hours of hair and makeup, but it’s me.  I’m warm, uplifting to women.  That’s my cause, that’s my, ‘Why I think I’m here’, to do that.  And then there’s Nighttime Tyra.  The Nighttime Tyra is a character.  A character that has been created over time by me.  I have meetings saying, ‘One is not me and one is – what the hell am I going to do?”

She added, “I have a hit show, but that’s not me.  That’s a character!  And that is the biggest struggle for me.”


Tyra’s first kiss experience

When asked about her first smooch, Tyra said that it was the most disgusting experience she has ever had.  She described it like having a slug thrust into her mouth.  She talked about it on her own talk show, “The Tyra Banks Show”, and recalled the experience.

“He tried to kiss me in the movies and he puts his tongue in my mouth.  It felt like a worm, like a slug in my mouth!  It was the most disgusting feeling in the world!  And I was like, ‘I don’t like to kiss like that,’ pretending that I kiss all the time.  I couldn’t look at him after that and a week later he dumped me,” Tyra confessed.

She was later stunned when the guy who kissed her for the first time walked on stage to surprise her during the show.


Tyra versus Naomi

A feud between the two glamorous supermodels was revealed when an unauthorized biography about Naomi Campbell was released.  Tyra Banks has described Naomi as a “hateful person” and told Newsweek magazine, “She did so many hateful things, like getting me thrown off shows because she was more famous.  It got so bad that I called my mother and told her I wanted to give up.”  Tyra has also claimed that she is so fed up with Naomi’s tantrums that she can’t bear to be near her.

Naomi is infamous for her outrageous demands and tantrums, which reportedly includes insisting on being the first and the last to appear on the catwalk at fashion shows.  And she has been known to physically assault fashion crews and assistants.  She was once arrested for grabbing an assistant by the throat and assaulting her with a telephone.